Sunday, 3 August 2014

Beetroot Sourdough Bread

I still have dried beetroot in the pantry. Now I really have to use them quite fast since new harvest is on the way. I think I also need to check do I still have dried courgettes and carrots too. Those can be easily used in breads.

Yesterday I decided to use some of it in the bread I was making. It turned out really good. The children said it was the best bread ever. I was supposed to grind it into a powder but the pieces were so hard that my little machine could not handle it so I decided to mix some powdered beetroot and beetroot pieces which got soft after I soaked them for awhile. The end result was really good. I used about 50 grams into the bread in the picture. made the second one with about 100 grams and I think that was better one even though the smaller amount of beetroot was quite nice too. I guess it depends do you want lots of beetroot or little less. The beetroot also creates a little reddish color. It was quite pretty that way.

I like using vegetables in breads since that way you eat more veggies and don't even notice it. They also make a great difference in the dough. I highly recommend using them.

300 grams (10.582 oz) sourdough starter (I have starter with rye flour)
600 g ( 1.323 lb) lukewarm water
900-1000 grams (1.984 - 2.205 lb) all purpose flour
3 tsp salt
50-100 grams ( 1.764 - 3.527 oz) dried beetroot (you can use small pieces or grounded)
some olive oil ( I never measure this)

The Taika mug by Iittala

Mix the sourdough, water, and salt. Mix well and add the flour. Mix and add the oil. Knead for a while, lett the dough rest for about 30 minutes and then knead some more to get that viscosity. Once the dough feels right shape the dough into a bread and tuck it in to sleep on a papered baking tray for about 6-8 hours. Bake in the 200 °C (400°F) for about an hour or so.

Beetroot gave a nice taste for the bread. It is probably one of the best root vegetables to be used in dough.

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