Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Kale Pie with Feta Cheese

Kale is great! Sad thing is that I just recently really discovered it. How many years I have wasted for not eating this treat! Kale is similar to spinach in many ways. The taste is rather similar and so is the use. Kale is very rich in vitamins and iron too so it's also really good for you!

I actually planned that next summer I really need to plant lots of kale. This pie alone is so delicious that I simply cannot let my garden be without this green treat from heaven!

Growing your own food is much fun in many different ways. You get to spent lots of hours in the fresh air, you save money when you don't need to buy so much food and probably the best thing is that once you grow your own veggies you really know what you are eating! My choice is organic.

This pie is similar to the spinach pie I make. And if you don't have access to kale you can easily substitute it with spinach.

This time I made the crust with using all purpose flour only as little as possible and used mostly whole grain spelt flour. It was good but a little heavier crust.

600 grams (1.323 lb) kale
2 large onions
5-6 eggs 
3-4 garlic gloves
400 grams (14.110 oz) milk
150-200 grams (5.291 - 7.055 oz) feta cheese
60 grams (2.116 oz) almonds
black pepper

THE PIE CRUST: (appr. 40cm x 40 cm / 15,7 inch x 15.7 inch pan)

490 grams (1.080 lb) all purpose flour (or a mix of different flours) 
250 grams (8.819 oz)  butter
1 tsp salt
little water if needed

1. Chop the kale and onions. Fry them gently on a pan so that they soften. After they have cooled a little mix them with the milk eggs, finely chopped garlic, salt and spices. If you want you can use hand held food processor to get really fine mix  or if you prefer the bite size pieces of kale don't use it. Either way it's good.

2. Spread either ready made dough or home made on a baking pan. Pour the kale mix on the top, sprinkle chopped almonds (with or without the skins)  on top and feta pieces as well.

3. Bake in 200 °C (400 °F) for about 25-30 minutes.

Less salt is good but in this case remember to use enough salt since this much greens won't taste so good if you don't. :) And like always: remember to enjoy! :)

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