Monday, 11 August 2014

Summery thoughts

This summer has been quite different from the earlier ones. Usually we have planted lots of different plants and grown much of our own vegetables and greens generally. Currants and rhubarb have grown a lot this summer. And looks like we are getting some raspberries too.

Earlier this summer, just around the midsummer,  we had very unexpected guest. Snow. It covered our vegetable garden and my poor little courgettes looked like they were lost. No sun shine to warm them or gentle summer breeze to fondle them - just cold wind and wet and even colder snow.

But my courgettes made it through all the hardship. They did cry a little and grew very slowly until one week when the heat wave came and they really came alive! Suddenly they started to spread their little leaves and in a short time those poor little leaves had all grown up and now my courgettes are not poor at all! So, after a month of very very warm weather, looks like we are getting some delicious courgette pies!

Since this  summer started so badly, I am happy that we also use wild vegetables. Dandelions and chickweed are part of our salad plates. They taste great and what's best: they grow all by themselves and they are not afraid of a little frost!

Even though the summer has not been a great one to grow vegetables we are still getting bush beans, peas, carrots, hopefully a couple of pumpkins, courgettes, spinach, dill, parsley, beetroots, tomatoes and maybe even some bell peppers.

Herbs are great too since they grow without so much care. Oregano, lemon balm, different sorts of mints have pretty much conquered our yard. They also attract  bees and butterflies which hopefully pollinate our apple trees. And this year we will get 3 apples! That is three more than last year! Maybe next summer we will have six apples so that every family member will get one!

It's great to have own yard, own garden and plants and flowers to work with. Gardening is just as great as baking. :)

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