Saturday, 19 July 2014

Finnish Mead - Sima

Finnish Mead is something that is always made for the First of May. It is prepared in a big bucket. I have a green bucket for this use only and this year I made mead again. It was good and I made such a version that my kids could have it too, just the way my mom used to make it. The trick is to not let it ferment too long and not to over use the yeast.

The mead is awfully good when eaten with Finnish doughnuts - munkki. 

For the Finnish mead you need following ingredients:

4 (1 gallon) liters water
250 grams (8.819 oz) demerara sugar
250 grams (8.819 oz)  sugar 
juice of 1-2 lemons or 1-2 lemons in slices
appr. 1 tsp fresh yeast

1. Boil half of the water and pour it on the sugar. Add rest of the water and lemon juice or the lemon slices. I use slices. 
2. Once the mix is lukewarm add the yeast.
and  let the whole thing  ferment in room temperature for a day (or two). Cover loosely with a lid.
3. Strain and bottle the mead. Add a teaspoonful of sugar and a couple of raisins into each bottle. Store in a cool place. The mead will be ready when the raisins start to rise which is in about a week. Enjoy!

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