Monday, 18 August 2014

Courgette pies

 Courgettes are great but when you are starting to drown into them the situation becomes desperate. There is a fine line between having enough of them and having way too much of them. Currently we are dealing with the last option so I needed to dig up my old and trustworthy courgette recipe I came up with several years ago during a really courgette filled summer.

I usually make 12 small ones and one larger one (appr. 20cm / 8 inch)

My children simply love this pie and they are not big fans of courgettes so it's good that there is at least one (real food, chocolate cakes are not counted as real food even though chocolate is almost like real food but don't let my children know what I just said...) recipe that they think is actually delicious. I am happy about that too!

I guess I need to prepare this recipe a few times more this year before we run out of all the courgettes in the vegetable garden. But it is just good that you get food from your own garden. Cheaper and healthier. :)

1 kg (2.205 lb) courgettes
500 grams (1.102 lb)  red bell peppers
130 grams (4.586 oz) leeks
appr. 3 tbsp dried dill (fresh goes well too)
3 eggs
black pepper
appr. 200 grams (7.055 oz) feta cheese

Goat cheese (or some other cheese) for grating on the top of the pie.

The crust:
460 grams (1.014 lb) barley flour
200  grams (7.055 oz) water
1/2 tsp salt
olive oil

1. Mix the barley flour, cold water and salt. Mix well. Add the oil. Add as much as you need to get all the still dry flours into the mix. If it gets too wet add a bit more flour. This dough is usually always made by how it feels and looks like. The measurements are not exact - especially the water.

2. Wash, trim and chop the courgettes. Put them on the hot pan with olive oil. Season with salt, peppers and dill. Let them simmer there until they become quite soft and they change color. Don't let them burn though.

3. Wash, trip and chop the bell peppers and leeks.

4. Mix the courgettes, bell peppers and leaks in a bowl. Add black pepper and salt. Add the crumbled feta cheese.

5. Butter the muffin holes/pie pan and spread the dough quite thinly onto the *muffin pan* / pie pan by using your hands. This dough is pretty difficult to roll but if you want to you can put it between two baking sheets and roll. I just find it easier to do with my hands. Once the dough is ready spread the filling on  and grade some goat cheese on the top.

6. Bake in 200 °C (400 °F) for about 25 minutes when using muffin tray and about 45 if making a bigger pie.

I usually use onions and not leeks but I had leeks and needed to use them. If you want you can substitute the leeks with onions - just add a bit more of those and fry them with courgettes until they are transparent. Onions make a filling a bit more sweeter.

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