Friday, 22 August 2014

Rough week

This week has been extremely busy one and the last couple of months have been like that.

I am a mother of two special needs children and our third one just started the speech therapy. Also my husband's father has been on and off hospital the whole summer and right now my husband is there to see him. Things look really serious at the moment. We are very worried about him.

This week has been filled with one of my children's school things and plans for this autumn's SI-therapy. The support system at school needs to be planned with the teachers and SI-therapist so that my son's days will get easier. Things seem to start rolling nicely now but there are still tons of things to do before it's all planned and scheduled.

And since there simply isn't enough in these things we are about to start a roof renovation and that will last a few weeks. That simply has to get done before the roof starts to leak and things get even worse. I can only imagine how much noise that will make and how difficult it will be with the child/children who are very sensitive to such noises. The daily routines became even more important.

I have been extremely happy about a certain organic store which has home delivery. That makes our week so much more easier since all those hours of  running around the stores are mostly  saved for something else which is simply great. I started ordering from there during the summer and now I think we could not live without it. It truly is a life saver. Last order looked  so delicious! I am also extremely happy that the beetroots had the root part too and not cut away like they do in the supermarkets and such. I just made a new order and it will arrive next week since weekend deliveries aren't available. But I knew that and planned accordingly. :)

Life is a bit rough at the moment but it will pass eventually. It always does. You just need to remember to smile. :)

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